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 Here you can find a lot of useful information about growing marble clarion sheatfish, construction and installation of aquafarms, and also get tips for selecting equipment for installations of closed water supply and its acquisition. The Telegram bot works for you 24 hours 7 days a week.

For frequently asked questions, you will get answers from Bot-consultant, and to all the others you will be given the answers by experienced fish breeders

More information in the closed chat for members of the AquaPromGroup Public Association.

• Adoption of the members of the Public Association “AQUA-PROMGROUP” is carried out by the Management Board on the basis of a personal application that you fill in on-line through the bot of Telegram-chat.
• The application for admission to the Organizations should be submitted to the Head of the Board of the Organization.
• A candidate for membership of the Organization becomes a member from the moment the decision is made by the Head of the Board of the Organization.
• Appropriate membership certificates are sent to the members of the Organization for confirmation of membership.
• Members of the Association “AQUA-PROMGROUP” pay membership fees in the amount established by the Board of the Organization.

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