From 19 to 21 September 2017 was held meeting of participants of the Public Association “Aquapromgroup”.

All members were warmly welcomed to the beautiful city of Zhitomir. Nice area, friendly people and good mood made the meeting a warm and fruitful for our organzatsii.

The meeting was attended by the majority of members of OO “Aquapromgroup” from different regions and cities of Ukraine and representatives of other countries.

On the agenda were the following questions:

  1. Processing of applications by members for membership in the NGO “Aquapromgroup”;
  2. The choice of the management bodies of the Public Association “Aquapromgroup” – the Board and the auditing Commission;On the first question of the agenda was made by Eugene Moroz, and invited all present participants of the Public Association to complete and sign an application for membership in the NGO “Aquapromgroup”, in connection with the completion of the official registration of the PA, which took place on 31 August 2017. After the signing of the statements, each participant received a membership card.

The second issue was made by Evgeniy Moroz, and noted that according to the Charter of NGO “Aquapromgroup”, it is necessary to form the bodies of the management Board and the auditing Commission. Was voted unanimously by all present members of the NGO, the majority of participants OO “Aquapromgroup” for the following candidates:

The Board OO:
Board Chairman frost Evgeny (Druzhkovka, Donetsk region).
Board member Babenko, Igor V. (Odessa)
Board member – Zadirin Boris G. (M. Olesky Kherson region)
Board member Galchenko Roman Oleksandrovych (Kyiv)
Board member Tonkonog Alexei Leonidovich (Kiev)

Audit Commission:
The Chairman of the audit Committee Daniel Alexander (Kiev)
Member of the audit Commission – Videorezhyser Ivan V. (Zhytomyr)
Member of the audit Commission – Petrenko Dmitry (Odessa)
Member of the audit Commission – Beloeil, Dmitry Vladislavovich (Poltava)
Member of the audit Commission – Galich Roman Ivanovich (Lviv)

For help in creating of OO, some participants received letters of appreciation from administration

All conference participants had the opportunity to taste many dishes that were made from African catfish cleavage.