Sharptooth catfish has been developing as commercial fishing all over the world for many years.
Since 1980s the start of “RAS” aquafarming had started in the Netherlands. “RAS” – is the recycling aquacultural system based on closed-circuit water supply that gives constant volume and water figures under the farmer’s maximum control of the water system. RAS technology let you have saleable catfish for a hardy fair price all through the year. Moreover, it gives you ability to avoid environmental and fish population damage in the country water resources as well.
The sharptooth catfish unique structure includes its gills and extra functional organ – clarid apparatus that gives the catfish ability to breathe the atmosphere oxygen and stay out of water for 48 hours.
The sharptooth catfish flesh produced in closed-circuit water supply system is ecologically pure product thank to full water hydrochemistry, feed and fish health control. It contains NO radionuclides or hazardous substances. Any parasites or pathogenic microorganism infection of the sharptooth catfish is EXCLUDED and that, in fact, gives possibility for consuming fresh.

Succulent nourishing meat has no smell or taste of mud. It is recommended as diet food. It causes no allergy even on those who has fish allergy.

This catfish contains Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for heart diseases prevention and reduction of cholesterol levels more than in mackerel or trout flesh. Lack of bones and scale make the preparation procedure easy and fast and the fish is almost zero waste. The main peculiarity of the sharptooth catfish is its gustatory quality. The flesh is tender and tasty and has no bones. Considering a low fat level – 5.1% and high protein content – 16,2% this fish can be certainly included with dietary product. As to the gustatory quality the sharptooth catfish is as good as trout flesh, cisco or eel.

The dishes of sharptooth catfish are included to the best Europe restaurant’s menu.
100 grams of sharptooth catfish contain:
• 5,1 g – fat;
• 16,2 g – protein;
• 9 mg – calcium;
• 0,3 г – iron;
• big amount of vitamins А and В;
• 21 mg Omega 3 (100 g of the product – sufficient daily limit for an adult).
• Flesh yield with skin – 51,6%;
• Flesh field without skin – 45,4%;
• Edible part – 66%;
• Muscular bones – zero;
• Trunk is 21-22% of dry substance content.
• Energy density of 100 g fillet – only 114 kcal.