March 2017

History of the Civil Association “AQUAPROMGROUP” originates in March 2017, when they were made public for fans of aquaculture and the cultivation of various aquatic organisms in the home. 3 months to the public were joined by more than 300 people and it was decided to organize the General meeting of June 8, 2017 in the city of Kiev.

8 Jun 2017

The initiative group was organized by Ukraine’s first large-scale meeting of aquafarmers. The meeting was attended by over 200 people and it was conducted in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, there were guests from other States, who shared their experience in the industry in their country.

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19-21 September 2017

A meeting was held of the participants of the Public Association “Aquapromgroup”.

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23 Nov 2017

Civil Association “Akvapromgroup” took part in the round table in Kiev, the theme of which was “the fishing industry of Ukraine: achievements, problems and prospects”.

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